How did Gareth Bale forget a Suitcase in a Centrotrans Bus?

Gareth BaleThe burden of concerns and problems often influences the citizens who, due to nervousness and distress, forget personal things in city buses without being aware of where they left them.

According to the spokeswoman of Centrotrans Eurolines Aida Smajić, passengers most frequently lose personal stuff in buses or at bus stations.

“People most frequently forget umbrellas, books, university registration cards, but also cellphones and wallets,” said Smajić.

Passengers can demand their belongings via mail, phone, or in person at the sale points of Centrotrans Eurolines.

“After the belongings are found, the passenger can come to pick them up and if the passenger is outside of BiH and is not able to come to a city where we have a business unit then we send things by bus,” Aida said.

All the found things are stored and returned to the owners according to requests.

An interesting story occurred after the historical match of the national football team of BiH and Wales which was played in Zenica in October 2015.

“In accordance with a contract with the Football Federation of BiH, Centrotrans Eurolines was transporting players and staff of the Wales national team. After the match ended, while returning to the airport, the biggest star of the Welsh national team Gareth Bale forgot his suitcase in the bus. The driver Almir Prašević found the suitcase and, after contracting the Football Federation of BiH, returned the suitcase to Bale with all things in it,” Smajić remembered, emphasizing that the suitcase contained two shirts in which Bale played the most important match in the national team career, when his national team qualified for the European Championship for the first time in their history.

When something is found in public transportation vehicles, whenever it is possible to find personal information the owners are notified, and passengers themselves often call to ask if something was found.

“Our drivers check the vehicles on the last station, together with vehicle maintenance staff, and they leave everything they find to the dispatcher of trams, trolleybuses, buses and minibuses, depending on where the things were found,” said Meliha Sabljić from the Press Office of GRAS.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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