Gallery ‘Preporod’-Promoter of Sarajevo

galerijaLast year, gallery ‘Preporod’ held 20 major exhibitions. Through its exhibition program, promotions and presentation of projects and artists it allowed for direct communication with the public and critics.

One of the projects of this gallery is the International Art Colony ‘Sarajevo 2013’. It will be held the Gazi Husrev-beg Hanikah in Sarajevo from 10-19 September.

The aim of the colony is to promote the city of Sarajevo and its surroundings and to make the beauty of this area available to artists to be used as inspiration.

25 artists, painters and art photographers from throughout the world will participate in the art colony.

The resulting work will enrich gallery ‘Preporod’.

The exhibition will be open from 18-30 September.


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