Gallery 11/07/95 on the first Place on Tourist Sites

gallery_110795_03The Gallery 11/07/95 was opened in 2012 in Sarajevo. It is envisaged as an institutional hybrid between a gallery and museum facility, whose key aim is to preserve memory of the genocide victims and offer an alternative to historical-political narratives that focus on crimes and perpetrators of crimes, while victims are reduced to statistics and numbers.

By emphasizing individual experiences and suffering of victims and as a place of understanding and meeting, apart from program and thematic focus on the crime in Srebrenica the Gallery 11/07/95 also presents and promotes topics related to war and crimes in other places and in other times, and the focus is always on victims and their experiences.

Since its opening until today, Gallery 11/07/95 has informed and educated thousands of visitors, hosted numerous high delegations and officials, opened doors to guest authors, launched its own edition and collection of works.

Continuous work and efforts were recognized by the profession and visitors who positively evaluate the work of the Gallery. One of the latest recognitions comes at the end of 2016. Namely, website Vouchercloud, by using TripAdvisor resources, made maps which present the most visited landmarks of all world countries. Categories that have been taken into consideration include historical monuments, nature, religion, tourism, etc. The landmark that won the first place when it comes to BiH is precisely the Gallery 11/07/95. TripAdvisor, the most frequently visited and one of the most relevant tourist websites, based on voluntary comments by visitors and their experiences creates a list, taking into consideration the evaluator, number and frequency of comments, diversity of audience, etc.

Gallery 11/07/95 is on the first place among all landmarks in BIH, with 925 comments and five stars. Positive review by a visitor indicates that the museum experience was created with the purpose of making the visitor face the facts about the genocide in Srebrenica and to evoke the visitor’s empathy successfully and efficiently.

“The intention of the Gallery 11/07/95 is to work on international plan in the future by networking with similar cultural institutions, by organizing exhibitions of world-famous artists, by organizing educational programs, and by expanding its spatial, capital and program capacities,” said Anela Hakalović, Program Coordinator in the Gallery 11/07/95.


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