Galic: We will sanction all criminal and corrupt Actions of BiH Border Police Officials

Regarding the implementation of the operational action codenamed “Hunter” (Lovac) in which, among other things, two police officers of the Border Police (BP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) were deprived of liberty, the director of this police agency, Zoran Galic, told that he strongly condemns any form of crime, especially if those who need to fight against it are involved in it.

“The BPBiH is investing all its capacities in the protection of the state border, and individuals are trying to ruin it with their unprofessional and unscrupulous actions. We are the only agency that regularly cleans in its own ranks and we will continue to do so and severely sanction those who in any way participate in criminal activities, ” said Galic, as announced from the BPBiH.

Galic added that the BPBiH has shown with this activity that it has a clear commitment to oppose all forms of criminal and corrupt actions by the BPBiH police officers.

Namely, police officers of the Central Investigation Office (CIO) of BPBiH, acting according to the planned multi-month activities, under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, and on the orders of the Court of BiH, in the area of Bileca, arrested several suspects, of which two police officers of the BPBiH. They were suspected of the criminal offense of ”association for the purpose of committing criminal offenses”, related to the criminal offenses of ”smuggling” and ”abuse of official position or authority”.

During the above-mentioned activities, the police officers of the CIO of BPBiH searched the suspects and movables in order to find objects that could serve as evidence in criminal proceedings, after which the suspects were taken to the official premises of the BPBiH for criminal processing and interrogation as suspects, after which a decision of the acting Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH on further action will be made.

“It is important to note that this is a very well-organized criminal group that has been operating in the Bileca area for a long time, and among which are multiple returnees, who have been convicted of many serious crimes,” as was stated from the BPBiH.

The suspected police officers are suspected of allowing other suspects to smuggle excise and other products across the state border, from Montenegro to BiH for a longer time, while abusing their official position when performing work tasks during working hours. During the implementation of these activities, equipment donated by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of the United Kingdom was used, among other things, as the statement said.


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