Galic: 300 illegal Entries of Migrants into BiH stopped

February 20, 2018 1:15 PM

Current topic in our country in the last few days is the increased inflow of illegal migrants to BiH. Migrant route through our country became more intensive last year, however, the number of illegal migrants in January 2018 was almost same as the number from the last year.

Marijana Krso talked with the Director of the Border Police Zoran Galic who said that the situation on the field is satisfying and that the Border Police is constantly monitoring all the security elements.

“We can establish that BiH was quite avoided when it comes to migration routes during the last two years. It is visible now that the part of that route has been transferred to BiH as well. We are using all of our available capacities to deal with these challenges. On the field, the Border Police is still completely monitoring all the security elements and the situation is satisfying in that sense.

The Director of Border police added that migration routes can also be fatal for the security and health of migrants.

“Routes that they are using, forest paths and configuration of the terrain, can significantly affect their health condition, and it can be even life-threatening. Border Police is using all the legal possibilities, as well as discouragement from illegal crossing. In the first two months of this year, we returned a total of 300 illegal migrants, which is reaching the number from 2017 and it can become a problem if this trend is continued.”

(Source: N1)


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