Future Look of the Regional Center of Mixer House Sarajevo presented

April 27, 2017 11:30 AM

mixer house finalBelgrade creative collective “Mixer”, opens the doors of its second regional center of urban culture called Mixer House Sarajevo – MH on September 8, 2017, in Sarajevo.

Maja Lalic, creative director of the first Mixer House in Belgrade, said that the first such center that they named Mixer House and which is located in Belgrade was created because of the lack of a common platform that gathers creative people from all fields where they would socialize and share their ideas.

“Following the model of Belgrade’s Mikser House, we gathered creative young people in Sarajevo who needed a place where they will share their creative ideas and activities together and they will be able to do it through this unique concept of urban and cultural activities. House for all our people, as we call it, will exist now in Sarajevo as well. We expect that the Mixer Sarajevo maybe even better developed than Belgrade because we see Sarajevo as a center of the region,” said Lalic.

The project Mikser House Sarajevo will include a concert and fair halls, design shop, the innovation lab, canteen and gallery of Frederik Morris, which is named after a man whose humanity and courage should be an example, but also a reminder that every human life is immeasurably valuable.

Ivan Lalic, director of the center, said that the multiculturalism, the affirmation of absolute values, exchange of ideas and creative content, but also cultivation of the culture of remembrance of the most difficult days of recent history on Balkans, during which the city of Sarajevo became a tragic metaphor for suffering, are the assumptions on which the Belgrade project is building its ideological form in Sarajevo.

Mikser House Sarajevo will be financed from three sources, international funds, commercial sponsors and investments of Mikser House from Belgrade.

The grand opening of Mixer House in Sarajevo is scheduled on September 08, 2017.

(Source: akta.ba)


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