Futsal National Team of Bosnia-Herzegovina is a Favourite in Tournament


After appearing at a friendly tournament in Poreč, Samir Gosto received an invitation from the head coach of the futsal national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ivo Krezo, for the qualifying tournament that is currently being held in Zenica.

This young player does not hide his satisfaction for it:

“I’m proud to be part of the futsal national team. This is my second gathering and my first qualifications, so I am honoured to be here and to have the opportunity to play in the national coat of arms jersey.”

Gosto says about yesterday’s match with Cyprus:

“We entered the match with Cyprus as favourites and justified that role. We had a great first half and there was a little relaxation in the second. It must not happen to us again, but when everything is considered, we can say that we played a good match.”

Our national team player expects the team to finish this qualifying round in first place in the group:

“We’re big favourites in the group. Other teams announced their fight for second place before their arrival here, because our ranking is above the others. Nonetheless, we must make every effort to show on the pitch that we are truly better than others.”

Samir Gosto also commented on the games of Mostar SG Staklorad, of which he is a member:

“Quality work was rewarded and I have good playing minutes in the club, and thanks to that, I was invited to the national team. The championship is also interesting, and I believe Mostar SG Stakolrad will reach the double crown this year. That is our goal, and I hope we will meet it.”


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