Futsal national team of BiH-European and Balkan Champions despite Diabetes

m32_161114070The national team of BiH in futsal for persons with diabetes was formed early last year. They are currently European champions and this year they will start performing in the first futsal leagues of BiH as a club.

This year was excellent for the national team and good results came one after another. They won the Balkan Champioships and the European Championship in the competition of 16 European countries.

As of this year, the national team of BiH will perform as a team in the first Futsal League of FBiH under the name DijaBiH, where their main competition will be teams of men who do not suffer from similar issues.

“We want to show that we can be equal to athletes who do not have diabetes and that we can win,” the national team stated.

Miran Gvozdić was diagnosed with diabetes type one at a systematic examination when he was 14. However, since he was an athlete before the diagnosis, he decided to continue. Today he is a member of the national team of BiH in futsal for persons with diabetes and he says that sport helps him a lot in his fight with the disease.

“We, as the national team of BiH and people with diabetes who are dealing with sport actively and professionally, are trying to prove everyone, especially children, that one can live normally and do sports even with diabetes,” Miran says.

This team is trying to break the prejudice that people who suffer from diabetes of any type cannot do sports recreationally or professionally.


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