Furniture from BiH in one of the most Beautiful Starbucks Cafes in the World

Furniture produced by a company from BiH can be found in one of the most beautiful Starbucks café shops in the world, which is located in the very center of Paris. These are “Neva” chairs by the company Artisan from Tesanj.

Starbucks is the largest chain of café shops in the world, and it has more than 26,000 shops all over the world.

The US company opened a renovated café in the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris last year. This building is dating back from the 17th century and it is located near the Paris Opera, in one of the most prestigious locations in the entire city.

One of the companies whose furniture is in this prestigious location is Artisan, which is selling its furniture all over the world.

“The design team of Starbucks paid special attention to preserving rich history of this building, with extraordinary decorations, ceiling frescoes and motifs from the 19th century, which were completely restored, as stated at the opening of this café.

Moreover, Starbucks took care about every detail of this café from floors, glass, to furniture, which was ordered and carefully selected with the aim to keep the authenticity of this beautiful place.

According to some, this café in Paris is one of the most beautiful and most interesting Starbucks cafes in the entire world.


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