Fundraising for children with diabetes in Republika Srpska!

December 4, 2012 10:20 AM

Association ” Adults for children” is organizing a fundraising for the purchase of insulin pumps for children with diabetes in Republika Srpska.

Children with diabetes, on first sight, are the same as other children, they play, enjoy every day of their careless life and they make everyone around them laugh. But their childhood is everything but careless.

Diabetes is a disease that never sleeps and does not tolerate children’s need for play. Every day they go through the same routine of measuring blood sugar, in which their finger tips suffer at least 6 stings. Not to mention the everyday insulin dosage that does not make their childhood careless.

With the purchase of the insulin pumps, everyone could make their live a little bit better. The insulin pump decreases the number of stings by 10 times. With just one call to the number 1432 you can donate 1 BAM for a more careless childhood for 300 children with diabetes in Republika Srpska.

Other donation also can be paid via this bank account: 555-007-01216523-22 Nova banka AD Banja Luka (for the Association ”Adults for Children”).


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