Full Streets of Sarajevo after Cafes are reopened!


After the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters made the decision to reopen the catering facilities, many residents use every opportunity to leave their homes to take a walk and drink coffee or some other favorite drink.

The news portal reporter visited the streets of the old part of Sarajevo and found many citizens who enjoyed a cup of hot coffee and hanging out with friends.

Although there are still unopened cafes, those who opened their doors were full to the last seat, and there are a lot of walkers on Ferhadija Street, just like in the times before the coronavirus pandemic.

The fact that life is slowly returning to the streets of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is also shown by the fact that until recently the empty streets were replaced by the murmur from the gardens of catering facilities.





It should be pointed out that not all citizens wear masks, as well as that they do not adhere to the prescribed physical distances, ie that they do not follow the recommendations of the competent authorities in order to prevent the spread of the virus. All catering facilities in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been closed since March 18th.

The Federal Headquarters issued an order that from May 12, the provision of services in catering facilities of all categories and hotels in the open space, ie exclusively in gardens and terraces, will be allowed.



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