Fule Asked B&H To Continue Traditional Form of Trade Between EU and CEFTA After Croatia’s EU Accession

Stefan Fuele SpeakingEU Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Fule asked B&H to maintain the traditional volume of trade between the EU and CEFTA members after Croatia’s accession to the EU, announced yesterday from the cabinet of the Croatian MEP in the European Parliament Tonino Picule.

After the Croatian MEP received a response from the Commissioner for Trade Karea De Guchta that the European Commission is determined to implement the adjustments that would ensure the continuation of the traditional trade flow between Croatia and its former CEFTA partners, it is now reported that the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Fule asked B&H to maintain its traditional volume of trade between the EU and members of CEFTA after Croatia joined the EU, said in a statement.

In the statement, it said that MEP Picula already took the opportunity in August to ask the European Commission what measures it plans to take in order to facilitate the placement of Croatian products in countries that until now were very important trading partners, because since joining the EU Croatia temporarily lost the right on preferential tariffs and conditions for export to CEFTA.

(Source: Fena)


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