From Sunday, Medjugorje officially under Vatican Auspices

July 21, 2018 7:00 PM

Polish prelate  Henryk Hoser will hold the first Mass in Medjugorje tomorrow at 7 pm, which will mark taking this holy place under the auspices of the Vatican.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis requested from his envoy Henryk Hoser in Medjugorje to stay at his position and provide pastoral support to millions of Catholics who are visiting that place because of the testimony on the apparition of Virgin Mary.

As announced by Vatican, the initial mandate of Polish prelate Henryk Hoser to investigate the needs of pilgrims in Medjugorje was completed. In the statement it was not noted the official stand of Vatican on the status of a long-term investigation of the apparitions of Virgin Mary.

The Vatican did not make the official stand although the foreign media reported the statement of the Pope on his way back from Portugal last year in which he noted that the woman who appeared was not the mother of Jesus, but it was decided that priests can hold masses and take care of pilgrims.

Almost million tourists from more than a hundred countries from all over the world visited Medjugorje last year. It is expected that this number will be even higher this year, and tourist workers are ready for that scenario. There are 20,000 available beds at the moment, and guests are often accommodated in the surrounding villages as well.

Hoser told the Polish Catholic Information Agency (KAI), whose allegations were reported by Mostar media, that the Holy Father will most probably recognize the first apparitions of Holy Mary in Medjugorje until the end of the year.

“Everything suggests that apparitions will be recognized, maybe even this year. We should not forget that the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith submitted the entire documentation to the State Secretariat of the Holy See, which is now working on it,” said Archbishop Hoser.

He explained that “a recognition of the first seven apparitions is possible, as suggested by the commission of Cardinal Camillo Ruini”.

“In case that the apparitions are recognized, that will be a major incentive for the development of Medjugorje,” said Archbishop Hoser.

He invited all believers to go to Medjugorje and get some spiritual renewal.

“I would highly recommend it. I would say that it is the pilgrimage of spiritual change, conversion, and strengthening of faith – you can experience all of that there,” noted Archbishop Hoser.

According to six young people, Holy Mary appeared on June 24, 1981, in Podbrdo near Medjugorje, for the first time. She is constantly appearing to them ever since. The Holy See appointed a special commission back in 2010, which was in charge to question the authenticity of the apparitions of the Holy Mary. This commission submitted its opinions to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which was forwarded to the State Secretariat of the Holy See and it is now waiting for the final statement of Pope Francis.

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