Camil Bukva needs Help from good People to finish his House

Camil Bukva (1964) from Gorazde would welcome the sixth winter in a shed in the settlement Jabuka near Hranjen, if it wasn’t for the help of his fellow citizens.

After five years of agony and life in totally inhumane conditions, Camil Bukva, who is a chronic asthmatic and unemployed person with minimal social assistance, received help from his fellow citizens, companies from Gorazde and mufti unit. They helped him to build a small house, whose roof was set in the previous period and the installation of carpentry is taking place.

The organizers of this humanitarian action for Camil Bukva invited all citizens to provide their help in money, clothing and footwear, hygiene, furniture, building materials and everything else they can donate.

Moreover, you can make a payment on the account that was opened for the collection of financial assistance to Camil Bukva:



Number of Account: 1610000000000011

(Source: E. A./Klix.ba)




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