Friendly Relations of B&H and Sweden

zlajaThe Deputy Chairman of the B&H Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija received yesterday in Sarajevo in a farewell visit the Ambassador of Sweden to B&H Bosse Hedberg, announced the B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Lagumdžija spoke to the Ambassador about the current political situation in the country and on the activities whose goal is to accelerate the path of B&H towards Euro Atlantic integration.

They expressed satisfaction due to the very good and friendly relations between B&H and Sweden.

Lagumdžija highlighted the contributions of Ambassador Hedberg on the relations between the two countries and thanked for the support of Sweden to our country in the process of European and Euro Atlantic integration, which is particularly reflected in concrete projects of intensive development cooperation.

Ambassador Hedberg thanked for the successful cooperation and support during his diplomatic mission to BH and expressed hope that the bilateral relations between B&H and Sweden would continue to improve.

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