Friendly Relations between B&H and Poland, the Basis for Strengthening the Cooperation

z. lagumdžijaDeputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zlatko Lagumdžija received at the inaugural visit, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andrzej Krawczyk.

Lagumdžija welcomed the Ambassador Krawczyk in B&H, adding that between B&H and Polond, there are no outstanding issues and the bilateral relations are good and friendly, which are the basis for the further strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in accordance with the mutually expressed interest in bilateral and international level.

Lagumdžija presented to the Ambassador Krawczyk the priorities of foreign policy in B&H, and the internal situation in the country and expressed his satisfaction, because Poland is still focused on the development of European integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkan countries in the context of the presidency of Višegrad Group (V4).

He expressed his hope that Poland and other countries of V4 will continue to provide strong political support to the process of EU enlargement and to help the candidate countries and potential candidate countries in fulfilling the requirements for membership in the EU.

Speaking about the economic cooperation between the two countries Lagumdžija said that it can and should be much better, particularly in sector of energy, infrastructure projects, transport, agriculture and tourism, and that, one important steps in this direction is signing of the economic cooperation.

Ambassador Krawczyk during the meeting confirmed the full involvement of Poland to assist Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire region of the Western Balkans on the path to fulfill  the requirements for membership in the European Union, was announced from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in B&H.

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