Fourty-Five membered Contingent heads to Peacekeeping Mission to Afghanistan

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has sent a 45-membered contingent of the country’s Armed Forces to rotating peacekeeping mission to Afghanistan on Wednesday, and during the solemn sendoff ceremony in the city of Capljina, located 160 kilometers southwest of the capital Sarajevo, the country’s defense minister Marina Pendes pointed out that peacekeeping missions are one of the obligations by the country’s law.

During the address, she highlighted that BiH’s Armed Forces receive the highest grades and praises when it comes to peace missions no matter in which country they serve.

“I believe that this is another confirmation that armed forces members are prepared for every task of an international character and that they can certainly respond to everything that is asked from them,” Pendes said.

In the framework of “Determined Support” peace mission, infantry unit will spend the next 6 months in Afghanistan, and in the past six months, soldiers have undergone special training in 3 phases where they have achieved the required standards.

(Photo: Fena, Denis Leko)

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