Fourth Ballet Fest –The Compensation for What We had Before the War

baletThe visit of the Russian classical ballet Ekaterinburg, which will be revealed in two gala concerts on 27th and 28th September, will be the highlight of this year’s fourth Ballet Fest Sarajevo.

As in previous years, September will be marked by ballet art on the boards of the National Theatre in Sarajevo, but this year’s festival is more modest program than last year.

The reasons, of course, lies in the lack of financial support, however, dance lovers will have reasons to rejoice.

Ballet Fest, on 20th September will start the show Shut Up & Dance, choreographed by Ronald Savković, produced by HNK Ivan pl. Zajc from Rijeka. This performance reflects the importance of the theater from which it comes, based on a long tradition since 1885.

The local production will be presented from a piece of Mare Nostrum, which the Ballet of the National Theater in Sarajevo set in the previous season, and we will have the chance to watch it on 24th September.

As announced at the press conference by Edina Papo, the artistic director of Ballet Fest said that a special place of this year Ballet Fest belongs to master workshop. With great pleasure she announced that the leader of this segment will be the famous prima ballerina Minka Kamberović.

” Ballet Fest is some kind of compensation for what we had before the war, for the glorious past of the Sarajevo Ballet who lives in this town for 63 years”, said Edina Papo, expressing hope that the newly adopted amendments of the theater activity in Sarajevo Canton will bring better days of ballet ensemble.

Tickets for Ballet Fest will be on sale from Monday 9th September at the National Theater in Sarajevo.


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