Four Victims killed during Srebrenica Genocide identified

June 10, 2017 1:00 PM

srebrenica2 (1)Four victims killed during the genocide that happened in July 1995 in Srebrenica, a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), have been identified in the Podrinje Identification Project in Tuzla.

A spokeswoman for the Missing Persons Institute of BiH Lejla Cengic said that among the identified are two brothers Salihovic, Ibrahim and Hidzaz, who were killed when they had nineteen and twenty-fourth years.

Their remains were exhumed from the mass grave of Kamenica, situated in the area of Zvornik.

Identity of victims was determined on the basis of DNA analysis, and their identity is confirmed by members of their families.

The identified persons are the following:
Ibrahim (Abdulah) Salihovic, born in 1976 in Poznanovici, municipality Srebrenica- Hidzaz (Abdulah) Salihovic, born in 1971 in Poznanovici, municipality Srebrenica- Nedim (Ahmet) Turkovic born in 197. In Gornje Vrsinje, municipality Milici and Saban (Ramo) Malagic, born in 1956 in place Glogova, municipality Bratunac.

Cengić states that so far 65 victims have been identified and will be buried at a joint funeral on July 11 at the Memorial Center in Potocari. Moreover, she adds that the identification will be continued.

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