Four Parties reached an Agreement on Cooperation in the City Council Zenica

zenica-opcinaLeaders of four organizations of political parties in Zenica SDA, SBB, A-SDA and BPS signed an “Interparty memorandum of proposing candidates for permanent working entities of the City Council Zenica”.

This still does not mean that the majority in the city council is formed, but exclusively a control group for the formation of commissions and other permanent working entities of the City Council, stated the signatories of the interparty memorandum.

The signing of the agreement on cooperation within the City Council Zenica shows that these four parties will make up the majority, with 18 from 31 seats in the City Council and if this mechanism of agreeing and voting works, it might be verified as the majority in the council.

It is not excluded that some councilors from other political parties join the interparty agreement, which would mean the announcement of political cooperation between the majority of subjects in the City Council, as well as the implementation of the announced policy of the new mayor Fuad Kasumović, who said that the city administration will have to work “for Zenica” and that all levels of authority must always vote for Zenica.

While elaborating on the reached interparty agreement in the City Council Zenica, spokesman of the cantonal SDA Jasmin Duvnjak emphasized that “this agreement can also mean a certain basis for establishment of a majority in the City Council Zenica, but their attitude is that without any calculations they will support everything that is good for Zenica and its citizens”.

(Source: klix.ba)

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