Four large Projects approved to BiH in Trieste and then blocked because of the RS

July 14, 2017 10:00 AM

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic confirmed that four nominated projects were approved to BiH at the Summit of the Western Balkans that was held in Trieste, which is very important for the infrastructure development of our country.

It is a section of the Corridor 5C on the route Ponirak-Vraca or Zenica-Tunnel, whose value is 83.9 million EUR, of which BiH received a 15.9 million EUR of grant.

The second section is Zenica-Gracanica with a total value of 66.9 million EUR, and the grant for BiH is 11.8 million EUR.

The third section is Johovac-Rudanka, whose value is estimated at 80 million EUR, and the grant in the amount of 15.3 million EUR was approved to BiH.

Port Brcko is the fourth project whose value is 10.1 million EUR, for which BiH got a grant of 3.1 million EUR.

“We are talking about a large investment in the amount of about 250 million EUR, of which we have received about 46 million EUR in grant funds that will give us the opportunity to start with the realization of these four important projects for the infrastructure improvement in BiH, as well as a good basis for strengthening of our economy and attracting foreign investments,” stated Zvizdic.

He also added that they are still working on the possibility for BiH to become part of the transport community.

He stated that he expects to reach an agreement on signing this document and that everyone involved in the process will be reasonable and sign the agreement that will enable BiH to realize new investments in numerous infrastructure sectors, as announced by the Council of Ministers.

(Source: ST)


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