Four Humanitarian Organizations are providing Help to Migrants in Tuzla


Recently, the house for temporarily accommodation of the most vulnerable group of migrants has recently been equipped in Tuzla. The joint project, brought together by several partners, with the coordination and financial support of CRS (Catholic Relief Services), helps migrants who are passing through or staying in the Canton of Tuzla.

“This ensures that each of our partner organizations can make the maximum contribution in their area of activity to provide temporary accommodation and conditions for recovery for the most vulnerable migrants: Caritas of the Archdiocese of Caribbean and Caritas of Bosnia-Herzegovina in cooperation with the Caritas of the Diocese of Banja Luka opened at the end of January laundry and drying room for migrants at Merhamet premises with a capacity for around 100 migrants per day, including migrants temporarily housed in the home of the ‘LLP’ center, which has a daily capacity of the 20 most vulnerable migrants, as we continue to work with Merhamet to distribute hot meals,” Sanela Imamovic, CRS Program Director stated for Klix.ba news portal.

CRS intensified assistance to migrants in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the beginning of December last year with 185,500 U.S. dollars for a six-month period.  The assistance is focused on migrants in Tuzla, in cooperation with the aforementioned organizations, while part of the funds is directed to the continuation of assistance to migrants at the Bira refugee camp in Bihac, through laundry services.

Merhamet’s director, Mensura Husanovic, said the organization, in collaboration with CRS, has been providing warm meals for migrants twice a day since October 2019, distributed at the bus station and more recently at a migrant home operated by the Service Center in community ‘SLEEP’.

“Since the beginning of October, over 10,000 hot meals for migrants have been distributed,” Husanovic said.

“We thank the CRS for their support, but the number of migrants arriving in Tuzla is increasing every day, and our concern is whether we will be able to meet the needs on the ground,” Husanovic added.




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