Four Guinness World Records broken in Tuzla?

Mirsad and Irma Nokto from BiH and Zarko Jankovic from Montenegro left many citizens of Tuzla simply breathless. A “Guinness World Records Day” was held in the Mejdan Sports Hall in Tuzla, and a group of athletes managed to break current records in four official categories.

Mirsad Nokto, the master of martial arts and the coach of WuShu Kung Fu National team of BiH, broke two world records.

This 49-year-old man from Tuzla managed to perform 103 push-ups in a minute, with which he surpassed Roman Dossenbach from Switzerland, who held the world record in this discipline with 101 push-ups.

Also, 16 plates made of autoclaved concrete were broken on Nokto’s stomach with a hammer of 6.30 kg in 4.22 seconds, which pushed Ali Bahcetepe from Turkey from the first place, at whose stomach was done the same in 4.74 seconds.

Mirsad’s daughter, 13-year-old Irma Nokto, broke another record by popping 60 balls in her heels by a hit over the head, and she popped a total of 39 balloons, with which she surpassed Ana Marie Petzolt from Germany, who held the world record with 18 balloons.

“It’s a great feeling to be a new world record holder. I was preparing for a month and it was very hard, but the effort paid off at the end,” said young Irma.

Zarko Jankovic from Montenegro broke the record of Adem Dulas from Austria in breaking plates made of autoclaved concrete with his elbows while holding the egg in his hand, which was not supposed to crack until the end.

Namely, Jankovic broke 82 plates in 9.74 seconds, while the earlier record was 78 plates.

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