Foundation ‘Census 2013” Prepared Instructions for Citizens

popisFoundation “Census 2013”, which was founded by the most significant Bosniak organizations, prepared a leaflet with short and simple instructions for citizens regarding the October Census.

The leaflets will be distributed these days throughout BIH.

Among other things, this leaflet underlined that the Census will include all BIH citizens, who at the time of the Census will be in the country and all members of a particular household, regardless of whether or not they are in the country during the time of the Census taking.

The Foundation reiterated that the Census would be done from 1-15 October 2013 during the times of 9:00-21:00, and that if there is at least one adult in the household, the census taker would carry a list of all members of that household.

“If there are minors or elderly people present when the census taker arrives, or if there is no one at home, the census taker will leave a notice and would return at a later time’’, announced the Foundation.

The Foundation sent a message to citizens that the census takers have an obligation that the census forms should be filled out with a special pen that are received along with the census materials and that contain the labels 2013. At the end of the census, the census taker should show individuals the census forms for verification.

“People are who currently out of the country (school, employment, etc…) have to sign as members of a particular household, and the census will be done by a member of their family that is in BIH”, said the Foundation.

“Those who are temporarily abroad, have property in BIH and are not part of a household in BIH, but have an intention to live in BIH, have to come to BIH during the Census. They have to take the Census in cooperation with the local Census Commission”.

“The list of citizens that live abroad will be done through a special form that will be posted on the website of the BIH Statistics Agency. They will be recorded in a separate database and will not be part of the permanent population of BIH.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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