Forum in Sarajevo: Economics is Key for Everything and should come before Politics

Economy Forum Sarajevo 2017The economy has to be before politics, it has to be the key to everything, and everything else is a waste of time, as said yesterday in Sarajevo at the opening of the Economy Forum, which is organized by the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo.

He says that there is a large number of positive examples of BiH and that the authorities simply have to recognize people from the real sector.

Mladen Ivanic, Chairman of the Presidency BiH, said that we need to make the environment where money should be invested, adding that BiH is not in a bad position because we have a stable currency.

“The priority is to create an enabling environment and decrease of taxes to improve the investment,” says Ivanic, noting that there is no foreign investment until domestic investors start to invest.

Denis Zvizdic, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, agrees that reform and modernization is a key factor in solving the problems in BiH. Zvizdic praised the good results of the Reform Agenda. He said that the level of implemented measures at the state level is increased by 40 %.

Speaking about the results of Canton Sarajevo, Elmedin Konakovic, Prime Minister of CS, said that all the announced reforms had a good effect, so that the CS reduced the number of employees in public administration for 800 people, and increased in the real sector by 400 workers.

Economic Forum of BiH in 2017 is the first event in our country that will gather representatives of the highest executive, business and academic community, whose common goal is improving the economic and business environment in BiH.

As stated, this event has multiple values for BH society, especially due to the fact that government, real and public sector, each from their own point of action, will discuss problems and opportunities and try to adopt concrete proposals and guidelines that will be made available to the creators of economic policy in BiH, for the first time in one place through an open dialogue.



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