Former UN Soldier in BiH: I will forever remember the Death of a Mother and her two Children!

12735584_1108522282532060_1364974438_nScot Casey is one of the first UN peacekeepers who came to the almost already disintegrated Yugoslavia in early nineties. Casey published his experiences from the war-torn BiH in the book “Ghostkeepers”. The author highlights that the book does not exclusively speak about humanitarian aid, but also about the violence which the UN soldiers were pushed in to help the civil population.

In the book, this soldier from Canada describes the mission to the smallest detail, pointing out that the mission resembled everything, except peace keeping.

“We were thrown into something that was only called a peacekeeping mission, but nothing indicated so. We responded to fire and acted far outside the rules laid down in UN regulations,” Casey highlighted.

Casey described how he was among 750 Canadian soldiers in the UN mission during the war in BiH, who carry bad memories from the battlefield.

From war experience in BiH to the life of a homeless man in Vancouver, Casey put his life down on 350 pages of the book for which he fought for years to get it published, finally succeeding after five years.

Casey points out that the book gives the readers a real insight into the life of soldiers with blue helmets, with detailed descriptions of terrifying details, such as witnessing the killing of a mother and her two minor children, who were killed before Scot Casey’s eyes.

“The death of a mother and her two children while carrying water to their home is an image I will remember forever, a memory that will haunt me forever. I have been dealing with that terrible feeling for all these years,” Casey said, adding that no mental preparation was sufficient for war experiences he lived through in BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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