What does the former Ambassador of BiH to the USA say about America under Trump?

b_161107016Bisera Turković, former ambassador of BiH to the USA, expressed her opinions related to the presidential elections in the USA and the impact of their result on the world and BiH.

In case the republican Donald Trump wins, Turković sees a new America which would be led by a man without experience on the international scene.

“It would be an America of raw neo-realism, aggressive towards others in the process of achieving its own interest. Political structure and social interests represent parameters within which the holders of political power must move. Due to the lack of experience on the international scene, Trump sees world less complex than it is and he believes that the USA can isolate if the world situation is bad,” Turković said.

Victory of the former minister of foreign affairs of the USA Hillary Clinton reminds Turković of the influence of her husband, former U.S. president Bill Clinton, on the termination of wars in the former Yugoslavia.

“BiH is one of the successes of the U.S. foreign policy, regardless of how we see it internally. According to some data, nearly 300.000 Bosnians and Herzegovinians live in the USA. Many of them live in Missouri and Iowa, which are two states that do not have a single political affiliation and that is why it matters which votes will dominate there. Those are places where the votes of people from BiH will be important. In general, in order to be an influential factor we need better organization, connectivity, and better planned activities,” said Turković.

Latest polls and research show that majority of Americans of BiH origin will give their vote to the former first lady of the USA.

The elections will be held today and uncertainty is significant especially because it is influenced by Trump’s statements and his behavior.

“He is a very atypical candidate. His rhetoric is not something that was counted on and something that people were prepared to. He does not stop surprising people. He was born in a wealthy family of the New York real estate king and he grew up believing in the power of positive thinking and faith in his own capabilities. Behind him are fantastic business successes, as well as bankruptcies of his financial ventures,” Turković said.

Turković concludes that he suffers from the lack of political correctness, while at the same time he represents the personification of the American dream.

(Source: klix.ba)

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