Formation of the Coalition of Citizens ”1. mart”

December 6, 2012 5:07 PM

The organization of the civil society, the Association of victims, organization of refugees and displaced persons, other associations and movements which are working on the affirmation of truth and human rights of returnees will sign an agreement on Wednesday, 12th December with which they will form the Coalition of Citizens ”1.mart”. The ceremony of signing the agreement will be held at the Hotel ”Evropa” in Sarajevo.

The goal of the Coalition of Citizens ”1.mart” is to register sufficient number of refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons for the next elections in 2014 in Republika Srpska. These people who will have the right to vote will enable the election of five more members of the political parties who do not deny genocide in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but are form Republika Srpska. Sufficient votes that will secure the positions for future aldermen in state institutions. They will also facilitate the elimination of present barriers on the entity and state level, in order to enable Bosnia and Herzegovina to further pursue the admission in the EU. This would also secure the return of all refugees to Republika Srpska and it would help to set the grounds for the reconstruction and renewal of Bosnian society based on the principles of tolerance, truth, justice, equality and protection of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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