Foreign Investors Bought Land For Construction of Residential Neighborhoods in Municipality Ilijaš

Ilijas-panoramaForeign investors are interested for the construction of four residential neighborhoods in Bioča, Ljubinić, Popovići and Savić hill in municipality Ilijaš.

It is expected that Canton Sarajevo and municipalities could receive the necessary approvals and permits in order to begin construction as soon as possible, announced the Press Office of Canton Sarajevo.

On this occasion on Thursday, there was a meeting of the Minister of Economy of Canton Sarajevo Emir Hrenovica and the mayor of municipality Ilijaš Akif Fazlić, and together with assistants defined the necessary procedures for intensifying the realization of this project.

‘’I expect that the municipality would receive from the Ministry of Economy as soon as possible the necessary approvals related to the use of the land for the purpose of this land, so that the proposed subdivision could be submitted for consideration by the Municipal Council, and so that the municipality could give permits for the construction of those neighborhoods’’, said Mayor Fazlić.

Minister Hrenovica thinks that the arrival of investors would be positive for the development of industrial zones in this municipality, and thanked for the activities of the municipality.

“The ministry will be actively involved in resolving this issue in every segment, in order to speed up the necessary procedures’’, he said.

At the meeting they discussed the opportunities for the reconstruction of roads in the area of forest exploitation in this municipality.

According to Mayor Fazlić, around 50 percent of the total forest fund of the canton is exploited in the area of this municipality. Citizens of the neighborhood in which deforestation is taking place require that the local roads, which is being used for the transport of trees, is updated.

Minister Hrenovica said that the requirements are justified, and that the canton, and several layers of government, have to return a part of the money from deforestation in this local community, including the reconstruction of local roads.

In this sense, it was announced that the Ministry of Economy would undertake activities on amending the existing cantonal operational plan of project financing from the funds that are generally useful for the function of forests, which would define the expenditure of money for this purpose.

After the meeting, the minister and mayor visited the company ‘Drvoprodukt’ Ilijaš for the production of wood elements and the company ‘Tranzitexport’ Sarjaevo, which is engaged in the production and sale of building materials, where they became familiar with management plans to expand production in the area of this municipality.

(Source: Fena)

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