Forbes reveals: Who is the wealthiest Bosnian?

13689803_1233985223319098_478604175_nAccording to the new list by the magazine Forbes, the wealthiest Bosnian is Drago Malinović from Prnjavor, owner of the company Komerc-mali. At the same time, Malinović is the seventh wealthiest man in the Balkans.

Although he has been a very successful entrepreneur for years, Drago Malinović was not so popular in the BiH public, probably because he was not being brought into connection with any kind of affair.

On the other side, Drago Malinović is very famous in Prnjavor and highly appreciated as a successful businessman and a humane man. Local residents especially appreciate him because he invested one million BAM in the construction of the new school “Branko Ćopić”, which is why he received the plaque “The most noble venture of the year” by Večernje novosti from Belgrade last year.

Drago Malinović’s company Komerc-mali has the annual income of around 250 million BAM.

The company Komerc-mali was founded in 1993 as a limited liability company, with headquarters in Prnjavor. The company used to operate in the domain of wholesale and retail of construction materials.

Since 1999, the primary activity of the company Komerc-mali became the wholesale of construction materials with the greatest participation of ferrous metallurgy in construction. Today, the company Komerc-mali sells on the BiH market and exports to the markets of Croatia and Serbia, with a developed and secured market for placement and procurement of goods and raw materials for production.


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