For the First Time: Canton Sarajevo to pay Health Insurance to pregnant Women

For the first time, the Government of the Canton of Sarajevo and the Ministry of Health have provided health insurance to pregnant women and women who have not received any health care.

At today’s 35th Session, the CS Government adopted a Proposal for a Decision on the Amendments to the Decision on the Establishment of the Basis, Rates and Method of Calculation and Payment of Compulsory Health Insurance Benefits in the Canton of Sarajevo enabled to have health care during pregnancy and after the labor.

“The reason for this decision is the information, according to which there is an increasing number of pregnant women who are not able to obtain health insurance at any time.”

“The Ministry of Health of the Sarajevo Canton, together with the Government of the Sarajevo Canton, provided 100,000 BAM in the Sarajevo Canton Budget for this year, so that the mentioned category of pregnant women could receive health care,” the Cantonal Health Minister Amela Sofic said.

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