Footwear Industry in BiH Equal Competitor With Rest of Europe after Council of Ministers Decision

shoesThe BiH footwear industry was brought into an equal position with Europe after a decision of the BiH Council of Ministers on reducing tariffs on the import of certain goods, said the technical dierector of the Banja Luka footwear factory “Bema” Mariko Umićević.

He said that conditions have now been created to retain foreign partners and by the next season to begin with the development of domestic production, which will be offered to foreign markets.

He thanked the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH and the Resource Minister Mirko Šarović, who is responsible for helping make these decisions and to solve the problem.

Umićević thanked the Minister of Education and Culture of the RS Goran Mutabdžija for the decision to create an area of shoemaking at the Faculty of Technology for the upcoming school year.

He said that two important problems have been solved in a short period of time.


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