Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina reveals Plans for the Following Period


In preparation for the eventual continuation of the competitive season, the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has already held numerous video meetings, conferences and seminars.

Elmir Pilav, executive director of the sports sector, believes that the Federation is well organized in these circumstances and that there was a good exchange of information and suggestions during these meetings.

“We are aware that only when the epidemiological situation mitigates and we get approval from the competent state institutions, we could continue the competition. However, until that happens, we are seriously preparing and trying to organize all the seminars and meetings we would definitely hold in a normal situation. In video meetings with the clubs of all competitions organized by the FF BH, we try to exchange information and hear their opinion regarding the possible continuation of the competition. What is important to note is that everyone expressed the desire that this competitive season, if conditions permit, should be brought to the end on the field, with the primary objective of preserving the health of all participants and respecting all measures by the competent epidemiological authorities.”

When it comes to video seminars for official, Pilav says that they were of good quality and that in some future they could be combined with face-to-face seminars.

“This is a good method, but the interaction with the participants is somehow different, it’s not the same as when we are all in the same space and when we have direct contact. However, it is important that we can exchange information, discuss and clarify everything that is necessary when it comes to specific segments of the officials’ work. In addition to the seminars, we have also organized meetings with head coaches of all national teams, and next week we plan to hold a seminar for registration and entity federations.”


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