Floods all over BiH, several main Roads closed

The traffic on the main road Banja Luka-Doboj, in the village of Vrela, Teslic municipality, has been completely suspended due to outflow of the Usora River on the main road, according to the Auto-moto Federation of Republika Srpska.

The traffic was completely suspended at the regional road section Tedin Han-Teslic, in Kamenica, due to escarpments. Also, due to the escarpments, the traffic is difficult over the Borja crossing.

On the regional road of Knezevo-Turbe, Borak and Imljani there are cleaned and traffic is now taking place in an undisturbed manner.

On the regional road Doboj-Prnjavor, in Popovici, Ukrina River threatens to overflow on the road.

Due to the larger amount of water on the road at the entrance to Zepce from the M-17 highway, the traffic was suspended and redirected to alternative routes.

Due to the water on the main road, the traffic was suspended on the regional roads of R-403a Cazin-Gata (in Tržačka Raštela) and R-474 Perkovići-Novi Šeher.

It is difficult to drive on the main roads M-4.2 Cazin – Velika Kladuša (Ćoralići), M-14 Srbljani – Bosanska Krupa, Banja Luka – Čelinac (on turning to Jošavka) as well as on the regional road R-476 Čelinac – Dubrava Stara (in Grabovac).

Because of the greater escarpments, the traffic on the regional road R-473 Teslić – Tedin Han in Kamenica was suspended.

Due to the escarpmen on the M-4 Teslić – Banja Luka highway on the Borja mountain pass and on the regional road R-413 Turbe – Banja Luka in the Borak and Imljani areas, the traffic is slowed down in one lane, according to the BIHAMK report.

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