Flags placed on the Occasion on the Day of the City of Sarajevo


Although a state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemics, KJKP Park workers already are engaged in putting country and municipal flags, as well as decor on city streets and squares on the occasion of April 6, Day of the City of Sarajevo.

KJKP Park stated that they were aware that most of the citizens of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina were in homes due to the state of emergency, but also stressed that their works must be realized and historical dates and holidays worthy of being marked.

“This is precisely what the Park team is doing today, placing state and city or municipal flags on the pillars of public lighting on the occasion of the Day of the City of Sarajevo and the Day of Liberation from Fascism.

These works are funded by the Municipality of Vogosca, which, as a municipality within the Canton Sarajevo, celebrates the Day of Liberation from Fascism, ” the Park company stated in the press release.

Thereafter, the same work on the occasion of celebrating the City Day of Sarajevo is being done in the territory of four city municipalities, in the streets of Marsal Tito, Zmaja od Bosne, Dzemala Bijedica, Boulevard Mesa Selimovic, and Kulina Bana.



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