Flag of BiH chosen as One of the Most Beautiful in the World

Johnny Sharples is probably the greatest expert for flags on the planet.

He guessed all 197 flags of the countries of the world on the quiz “Flags of the World” several times and he is also a member of the Flag Institute, so therefore he is very credible when it comes to flags.

Sharples made a list of the ten most beautiful flags of the world for the English portal Joe.co.uk, and among them is included the flag of BiH.

According to Sharples, the flag of BiH is the third most beautiful flag on the planet!

Among the top 10 is also the flag of Croatia, which occupies the 9th position.

Under the description of the flag of BiH on the Joe.co.uk is written:

“OK admittedly the blue stripe on the fly side makes it look like somebody didn’t crop the flag properly, but this has two of the key components of what makes a great flag: stars and diagonals. However, the best part of this flag is the contrast between the blue and the yellow, the same thing that makes the kit of Boca Juniors so iconic.”

Take a look at the 10 most beautiful flags on the world:

10. Cyprus

9. Croatia

8. Mozambique

7. Swaziland

6. Panama

5. Vanuatu

4. Marshall Islands

3. Bosnia and Herzegovina

2. Democratic Republic of Congo

1. Papua New Guinea

(Source: vijesti.ba)

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