Five Spots for a Delicious & Quick Bite in Sarajevo

“What do I eat for lunch today”, if you’re a student or worker on a budget, you probably ask yourself this same question every single day. You can’t afford a whole restaurant meal every day, getting back home is going to take too much time, and you’re tired of supermaket’s unappealing salads and sandwiches.

So, we wrote this guide to help you out! Here’s 5 delicious ways to boost your mood through a busy day.

Bassta – Best chicken sandwich

At first sight you would say it’s just a regular fast-food place, but Bassta is much more than that. They became famous because of their super tasty, homemade chicken sandwiches, and now offer more than 30 different chicken meals, plus pasta and desserts. The real take here is their homemade bread: they will make it in front of you right after you place an order.

“Because of its location, it’s often really crowded but the food you get is worth waiting a bit for, and soon you’ll know why their slogan says that you’ll talk about Bassta with your mouth full” – says Sarajevo local Aida. 

Aščinica ASDŽ – Cheap, traditional and always ready!

Maybe you don’t feel like eating comfort food all the time, and maybe you want an healtier alternative… if so, Aščinica ASDŽ is your place! It’s a traditional canteen making traditional Bosnian food, with genuine and homemade ingredients. It dates back to the 15th century, so you can guess they do have the expertise.  

A big perk of this restaurant is that the food is always ready, so even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can enjoy a nice warm meal. Here, you have a la carte menu, so you can make your own combo of dishes, and save money. Oh, and last but not least: it’s one of the few vegetarian-friendly Bosnian restaurants!

Farina Bakery – Make your mornings easier

Farina Bakery, photo by Aida Omanovic

If you’re the kind of person to wake up late and never have time to eat in the morning, consider having breakfast at Farina Bakery for start off the day right. It’s a small and cozy place, very popular for its delicious pastries and cakes.

So, a nice cup of coffee first, and then you can spend plenty of time wondering if it really is appropriate to try everything on the menu. Admittedly, it’s almost impossible to resist to freshly-baked, warm pies or corn flour pastries. And how not to get a slice of cake for dessert as well? However, get prepared to not find lots of place to sit down – this bakery is delicious and locals know it, so it’s often very crowded.

Butik Badem – A portion of oriental delights

Butik Badem photo by Lea Petrovic-Numic

A little different from the other places we listed for getting lunch, Butik Badem is however perfect for your “pick-me-up” break when working or studying becomes way too stressful. Don’t cry – grab some chocolate covered hazelnuts! Big perks – they’re open all day from 8am to 11pm, perfect for your all-nighter energy boost or for snack for your Netflix and chill night.

Our Sarajevo Spotter Lea’s advice: “Once in Sarajevo, do as the locals do it. Get yourself a portion of almonds covered with cinnamon or chocolate hazelnuts, or any other combination of nuts, or even rahat lokum of your choice, and walk the streets eating it.” 

ADK Doner – Great doner on the go!

ADK Doner photo by Maranta Vego

Finally, a place that is almost an institution in Sarajevo. ADK Doner has two main assets, one is the view and the other one is, well, their doner. The place itself won’t probably hit you, it’s very simple and uninviting, but the taste of their food more than makes up for that.

What’s funny here is that they have 3 sizes of doner, but the difference between them is not actually the size, but the amount of meat! A recommendation: it’s situated in a very nice neighborhood, so if the weather is sunny, you can grab a doner, eat it on the stairs of Sebilj fountain and enjoy the atmosphere.

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