Five Meters High Srebrenica Flower installed in Odzak

The Association of Flowers of Grace with the Ministry of Transport, Connections and Protection of the Posavina Canton, with the help of Strolit Odžak company, made the largest Srebrenica flower of 5 meters height on the occasion of the anniversary of the genocide, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Green coffins with the names of victims of genocide committed in Srebrenica in July 1995 are ready to be buried in the collective funeral on July 11th this year in the Srebrenica Memorial Center – Potocari.

At the Memorial Center in Potocari this year, the remains of 33 victims of genocide committed in July 1995 on the UN-protected zone residents in Srebrenica will be buried.

The remains were moved from the Commemorative Center in Tuzla to JKP “Gradska groblja” Visoko, where they will be transported to Potocari on July 9th.

On the black panel on green coffins, the names of fathers and sons were written.

The youngest victim to be buried in Potocari this year is Osman Cvrk, born in 1979. At the moment the murder he was minor, only 16 years old. In the green coffin of the underage Osman, his remains were found at several different locations.

Everything is ready for the marking of the 24th anniversary of the genocide against Bosniaks “UN Safe Areas” in Srebrenica in July 1995, it was said today at the fifth meeting of the Organizing Committee for the marking of the 24th anniversary of the genocide.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee Hamdija Fejzić said that they had done everything they were responsible for.

“We are ready for the funeral and commemoration. There is no problem with the security aspect. There are technical details and things that will be addressed in the coming days. Certain activities start in the coming days,” Fejzić said.

About six thousand participants of the Peace Mach are expected this year as well. The participants will be traveling around a hundred kilometers.


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