Five Electrical Technicians will save the Agriculture in BiH? (Video)

agroadviceFive electrical technicians: Marko Pravdić, Dragan Radović, Đorđe Drljić, Vlade Mališ, under the mentorship of Dejan Jokić and with advice by the expert in agriculture Vico Grujica, found a way to improve agriculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

These men invented AgroAdvice, which consists of hardware (sensors installed on agricultural land) and software (web app, mobile app and database), which will be expert support in agriculture. It will be applied in a way that the agricultural producer installs sensors on the land, then the sensors collect data, send them to the expert, which then determines the situation in the field and alerts the farmer what to do in case of need.

“There is no need for the farmer to acquire new knowledge related to informatics because the sensors collect information needed by the expert. Today these experts conduct counseling anyway, but since there are not many and there is a lot of farming land, they cannot have constant insight into the latest situation. The software we designed will notify them on time and facilitate their job, and improve agriculture as well. Therefore, with the help of software they will be timely alerted if there are any anomalies that could prevent the development and growth of products. Then they will be able to remove them,” explained Jokić.

Jokić emphasized that the core of the idea is to compare parameters of one parcel with some critical parameters, as well as with parameters of a parcel which proved to be better.

“In a certain time comparisons can be made and conditions ensured that the yield increases in the next year or even that year when the testing is conducted. So the core is in comparison of parameters of several different parcels with the best parcel. That data becomes more and more developed each year. The database becomes smarter and smarter, and algorithms become smarter as well,” Jokić added.

The aim of this project is to bring the expert closer to the field and the field closer to the expert, so that the expert can conduct tests and make comparisons in a remote manner, and react if necessary. Except for preventing certain products from decaying, with the help of AgroAdvice farmers will also receive guidelines about how to treat them so that the products would stay fresh and good for as long as possible, in a natural way. Good news is that this service will not be expensive and that many investors are interested in implementation of this idea.

“Financial and technical support will be produced by the professor from La Trobe University Australia, Edhem Eddie Čustović, who already approached the implementation of our idea seriously. We are very grateful for that. Support will also be provided by Agri BIO Center of La Trobe University, which is the biggest and most developed center for agricultural research in the entire south hemisphere, and the YEP – Youth Employment Project. What is important is that already on March we have the developed web app and those sensors. March 1 is crucial because that is the beginning of the agricultural season. It is important for us to take advantage of the upcoming agricultural season to gather data, make a database, and thus be fully ready,” said Jokić.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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