Five Dairies from BiH Nominated to Export to EU

mlijeko(25)BiH is on the verge of obtaining a document or set of documents that establish the so-called vertical chain of command in controlling the quality of milk, which is one of the key perquisites for the arrival of the mission of the Office for Food and Veterinary of the EU (FVO) to BiH and the fulfillment of the criteria for the export of milk and milk products to the EU, said Minister Šarović.

For the last weeks, big progress has been made in negotiations at all levels, and there have been two ministerial conferences with ministers of agriculture of the RS and FBiH.

Bearing in mind the important moment, the accession of Croatia to the EU on 1 July, where BiH dairies exported significant amounts of milk and milk products, meetings were held for the cantonal ministries and they worked night and day in order not to lose time in the last months and years to compensate.

“In addition to the relevant ministries, the BIH Veterinary Office played a huge role. They used these documents, and I am firstly thinking of the protocol with the relevant ministries, and harmonized it with the European Commission in Brussels. Thus, yesterday the last videoconference was held’’, said Šarović.

Stating that these documents are harmonized, he said that next week there will be the signing of the annexes of the contract and agreements with resource ministries and with 10 cantonal ministries, including District Brčko.

“The text of the protocol is harmonized. Thus, with this protocol we have established a vertical structure, chain of command and determined one institution of the BiH Veterinary Office, which is key when it comes to the export of milk and milk products. It is responsible for controlling the quality of products that are exported to the EU’’, concluded Šarović.

After the protocols are signed next week, the Ministry of Trade and Economic Relations of BiH will ask from Brussels an urgent arrival of the Mission of the Office for Food and Veterinary (FVO) to BiH.

The dairy company “Milkos” from Sarajevo, “Mlijekoprodukt” from Kozarska Dubica, “Meggle” from Bihać, “Mljekara Livno” from Livno and “Zott See” from Gradačac have been nominated for the arrival of the Mission of the Office for Food and Veterinary of the EU, or FVO inspections.

A positive assessment of FVO would enable dairy famrs in BIH to export milk and milk products in EU countries.

The Director of the BiH Veterinary Office Ljubomir Kalaba said that with this protocol, an interim solution was found for adopting a law on food, on veterinary and on agriculture.


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