Five BiH Citizens are currently in Kabul, an Evacuation is expected in the coming Days

AFP PHOTO / Noor Mohammad

After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) on Saturday published an invitation to the citizens of BiH who are in Afghanistan to contact the embassy of our country in Pakistan for possible assistance with the evacuation, so far five BiH citizens have applied.

This information was confirmed by the Ambassador of BiH to Pakistan, which also covers Afghanistan, Sakib Foric, who explained in a conversation where our citizens are currently located and said that they are all placed in a safe location.

“Following the release of information for assistance, five BiH citizens contacted the BiH Embassy in Pakistan. Four people work for a British company, while one is employed by the organization Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA). All are currently located near Kabul International Airport, where are accommodated in a hotel within that airport, ” stated Ambassador Foric.

He pointed out that all citizens have reserved civilian flights, but that there is an evacuation plan even if they are not realized.

“We are in contact with our citizens and they all have booked civilian flights from Kabul. However, due to the situation on the field, there is a possibility that these flights will not be realized and in that case, they will leave Kabul together with embassy staff located in the Afghan capital, ” Foric emphasized and stated that everyone should be evacuated by Thursday.

At the end of the conversation, Foric noted that at the moment there is absolutely no danger for the citizens of BiH and that the situation is under control. The Taliban themselves have no intention of occupying the city militarily but are waiting for a peaceful transfer of power, which will complete their rule.

Ambassador Foric also explained that the invitation to BiHcitizens to report to the Embassy of Pakistan was successful, but the biggest issue is the fact that our citizens come to risky countries without applying to the nearest embassy of BiH.

“Citizens go to African or Asian countries that represent risky areas without contacting the embassy of BiH on arrival to record their entry and be in contact. I appeal once again to all citizens who go to risky locations to contact the nearest BiH embassy,” concluded the Ambassador of BiH to Pakistan, Sakib Foric, Klix.ba writes.

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