Fishing As Opportunity for Development and Progress of Municipality Sokolac

fishfarmSokolac is rich in natural resources that could be used for the development and progress of this municipality. One of the development opportunities for Sokolac is the production of fish, concluded at a meeting that consisted of the mayor of the municipality, Milovan Bjelica and contributors to the local development of the municipality, as well as Professor of Agriculture and Natural Sciences at the Faculty in Banja Luka dr. Dragan Mikavica and project assistant graduate engineer Sandro Džindo.

They agreed at the meeting to work on two projects. One is based on the concept of development of fisheries in this area that could be suitable for aquaculture centers. The second project is related to the joint venture of municipality Sokolac with a  foreign partner that would invest the funds in one of the aquaculture centers.

Professor Mikavica said that for the project it is first necessary to consider all potential sites that can provide or meet the basic requirements for any form of fish production, and then gradually after the studies to work on specific work sites according to the priorities of the municipality.

Sandro Džindo said that the entire concept will be based on the criteria of the EU.

The mayor of Sokolac Milovan Bjelica was very satisfied with the results of the meeting.

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