First Victory of B&H Basketball Team in Slovenia

kosarka3Basketball team of Bosnia and Herzegovina has achieved the first victory at the European Championships in Slovenia.

In the third round of the B-group Euro-basket, B&H basketball team yesterday in Jesenice won against Montenegro with 76:70 (13:17, 21:20, 15:22, 27:1).

Thanks to this victory, the basketball team of B&H remained in the game to win one of the top three places which lead to the next round of competition.

The most effective players from representation of B&H were Teletović with a “double-double” performance of 18 points and 11 rebounds, Gordić with 17 and Đedović and Šutalo with 13 points, while from Montenegro Team the most effective players were Dubljević with 16 and Rice with 13 points.

In the next round on Sunday, B&H plays against Macedonia, while in the final round on Monday will play with Lithuania.

(Source: Fena)

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