The First Transplantation of Heart and Kidneys to take place in Mostar this Year

The Director of the University Clinical Hospital (UCH) Mostar, Ante Kvesic, talked about debts and salaries in UCH Mostar. The basic salary of a specialist in this hospital amounts to 1,400 BAM, the salary of a specialist with five on-calls is about 2,000 BAM, while the salary of a nurse is 850 BAM and a higher nurse 960 BAM.

“I have been warning people that salaries of healthcare workers are exactly the same for 10 years, without a single BAM of an increase. It is a fact isthat salaries in HNC are by 20 to 30 % lower than in other cantons. For example, doctors in Tuzla Canton have 30 % larger salaries. We are well aware of that situation, including the unions, which are requesting to take into account the responsibility of their work and the fact that their colleagues in other parts of BiH receive much larger salaries for the same job,” noted director Kvesic.

Kvesic also mentioned the ambitious plans of UCH Mostar that refer to the first heart and kidney transplantation, which are planned to take place in the year of 2018.

“Maybe it is a little bold to announce it already, but I believe that we will succeed. We have been preparing for this for years, and we purchased typing equipment. We promised that this hospital will be enough for our Croatian people and that we will not have to go to the hospital anywhere else, and we are quite close to achieving that goal,” noted Kvesic.

A new pediatric sector has great importance for UCH Mosar, whose construction could start this year.

“I was in Saudi Arabia, we signed a contract for the construction of a pediatric building, and the money was approved. After that, we signed a state-level contract as well and our engineers are preparing a tender that we will send to Saudi Arabia soon. We could start works before the summer and the deadline for the construction is a year and a half or until the end of 2019, when it will be realistic to have a new pediatric building,” said the director of UHC Mostar, Ante Kvesic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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