First Social Media Day in Sarajevo on 30 June

sarajevo_view (4)Social Media Day, the global day for social media, will be marked for the first time this year in BiH in the form of a one-day gathering of activists, companies and fans of social media.

Social Media Day will be held on Sunday, 30 June and it will be a chance to exchange experiences on how digital revolution is changing the world and our lives.

Those interested would be able to participate in a panel discussion, including a live Twitter discussion will participants of similar events in Tunis and Brussels, the presentation of local activists who use social media in order to educate and encourage change, presentation of companies who use social media to communicate with its users and the wider public, and the first Facebok “Hashmoba”, an online event whose goal is to support the JMBG protests.

Mashable 2010 organized the first event, and today hundreds of cities are participating in this initiative.

“Social Media Day Sarajevo” is organized by four IT and communication enthusiasts- Elvira Jahić, Pero Cigelj, Richard Medić and Zoja Bajbutović Brickley, who believe that social media could improve our lives.

The event will be realized with the financial support of the British Embassy in Sarajevo.

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