The first Smart Suit to be produced in BiH?

November 4, 2017 11:45 AM

BiH should get a prototype of its first smart suit by the end of the year. It could be produced by the Technical-Remodeling Institute (THZ) Hadzici as part of their ambitious restructuring plan.

“Our smart suits will be able to collect the data on position, speed, position in space, environmental data such as air temperature, pressure, and presence of certain gases, and it will be able to measure pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and level of perspiration of the person that is wearing it,” said the director of THZ Hadzici, Meho Rekic.

It will also support data transmission and communication over 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and other forms of wireless communication.

Several types of sensors, both wired and wireless, that will be connected to a “physical network” incorporated in a smart suit over a commercial platform (for a tablet computer or a smartphone) or a dedicated computer for special purposes, will be used for data collection.

This kind of suits will be used in mining, energy, water management, military, fire brigade, civil protection, locating employees, transportation… In case of an accident in the mine, they could help not only to locate the injured miners more quickly but also to determine which one of them needs the help most urgently.

The development of smart suits was a natural continuation of the development of standard protective suits that THZ Hadzici has been doing for many years, explained Rekic.

“We gathered a first-class team of engineers and researchers in the last year, and they have extensive international experience from several areas that are crucial for development and production of smart suits.

Among them we have several doctors of science, a couple of engineers of electrical engineering, IT and mechanical engineering,” said Rekic.



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