First Screening of Sarajevo Film Festival on 17 August in Summer Kino Dobrinja

SFFMunicipality Novi Grad, in cooperation with the Directorate of the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), has again this year made it possible for all films that will be shown at the 19th SFF in open air cinema Metalac to be shown also in the open air cinema on Dobrinja, and a part of the program for children in the multimedia hall of municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo.

The opening of the summer cinema in municipality Novi Grad will take place on 17 August in the courtyard of the elementary school “Skender Kulenović” on Dobrinja, when Danis Tanović’s movie “An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker” will be shown, and Danis Tanović and actors from the movie are expected to show up.

“If our citizens do not arrive on time to buy tickets, movies that are shown one day earlier in open air cinema Metalac can see the film one day later on Dobrinja. The price of a ticket is symbolical, and everyone is able to find something for themselves’’, said the Mayor of municipality Novi Grad in Sarajevo Semir Efendić.

Director of the Sarajevo Film Festival Mirsad Purivatra stressed the excellent cooperation with local communities, and thanked municipality Novi Grad of Sarajevo for the support that it lent in the organization of this year’s SFF.

He added that the interest of the public for tickets is huge, and that most of the focus is on the film that will open the festival, “An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker”, and for the film that will close the festival, “Lunchbox”, as well as the Palestinian movie “Omar”.

In the summer cinema on Dobrinja, on 18 August the film “Blancanieves” will be shown, on 19 August “Prince Avalanche”, on 20 August “Krugovi”, on 21 August “Adria Blues”, on 22 August “Prije ponoći”, on 23 August “Omar” and on Saturday, 24 August “Blue Jasmine”.

When it comes to children’s programs in the multimedia center of municipality Novi Grad, on Saturday and Sunday, 17 and 18 August, “Strumps 2” will play, on 19 August “Avioni”, on 20 August “Marko Makako”, on 21 August short children’s movies will be shown, on 22 August “Nono, cik-cak dječak”, on 23 August “Zagonetni dječak” and on 24 August “Sestre Vampirice”.

(Source: Fena)

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