First Publication of the Census Results before the 1st of July?

Census Results bhrt.baThe unique methodology for processing census data, including those relating to the resident population, in accordance with the recommendations of IOM, emphasized Pieter Everaers, Pieter Everaers, the director at the Office for Statistics of the European Commission (EUROSTAT) and the chairman of the Steering Group of the International Monitoring Organization (IMO).

“Considering that more than 2 years have passed since the population data was collected, IMO urges the Agency for Statistics of BiH and the entity statistical institutes to finalize their work on the census in accordance with international recommendations,” said Everaers.

He emphasized that the timely publication of the results of census has key importance with regard to the relevance of census data for planning and politics in BiH. In fact, if the results are not published in 3 years, they are considered as obsolete and therefore it is very important for them to be published as soon as possible, said Everaers.

“Full information about the census in BiH should be published before the end of November this year,” said Everaers.

He emphasized that the first publication of results with key data could be published before the 1st of July, when is the deadline for the publication of the census results according to the Law on Statistics. He emphasized that the data will be published successively.

Lars Gunnar Wigemark, Head of EU Delegation in BiH, emphasized that the most important data for EU are how many people live in BiH, what they do for living, the age structure, how many farmers there are etc., and that they are least interested in questions related to religion and ethnicity, which were not mandatory questions after all.

” The European Union gives vital importance to the census because it is essential for economic and social planning and it represents the basis for the performance of the agricultural census. It is also important in the context of European integration, including the implementation of the Reform Agenda, as the serious reforms cannot be implemented without the relevant statistical data, ” said Wigemark.

He added that the EU will provide technical assistance in order for this process to be completed.

(Source: akta.ba)


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