The First Man from Foca on Himalayas: “Walking on the Clouds” with Friends

November 6, 2017 8:00 AM

The hiker and tourist guide from Foca, Danilo Vojvodic, got the opportunity to climb the “hometown of snow” – the Himalayas, the largest mountain wreath in the world, thanks to his friendship with the adventurers from Poland, with which he became friends during the rafting on Tara River.

Danilo went to Nepal on October 26, as a member of the expedition from Poland, and he is currently in the village of Cukhung at 4,730 meters above the sea level.

“I met my friends from Poland on rafting on Tara River and canoeing on Hrcavka River, where I was their guide. They invited me to go with them to the Himalayas and I accepted their offer. Our goal is to climb the Island Peak, which is located at 6.189 meters above the sea level,” said Vojvodic.

The expedition should get to the base camp of Island Peak today, from where they will start with the final climb.

“We are expecting to depart at midnight, and we should be on the top at about 10 AM,” said the first man from Foca who went to the Himalayas.



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