First Instance Judgment announced in the Case of Kostjerevac for War Crimes against Civilians

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced the first instance judgment in the case of Adem Kostjerevac dismissing, pursuant to Article 283e) of the Criminal Procedure Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the charges that the accused Adem Kostjerevac committed the criminal offense of War Crimes against the Civilian Population of the Criminal Code of the SFRY.

The dismissed charges in relation to the accused Adem Kostjerevac are that, during the war and armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a member of the Military Police of the 1st Muslim Brigade Zvornik of the Army BiH, during the period between 18 September 1992 and 4 October 1992, in the territory of the Zvornik municipality, he acted in contravention of the rules of international humanitarian law by violating the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 12 August 1949, by forcing a Serb woman into sexual intercourse during the war.

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